CJ COD Workflow

Cash on Delivery is an e-commerce revolution, it will change the social e-commerce game.
  1. Choose CJ Products from Marketplace
  2. Start to Sell it
  3. Get Your Orders
  1. Pay CJ Products Cost and Shipping
  2. CJ will ship the products
  1. CJ Collect Payment from Your Clients By Your Order Amount
  2. CJ will get 12% Commission from the Payment
  3. CJ will send the money to your wallet within 2 days when the order is delivered and it will reach to your account within 3 days if you choose to withdraw

COD Charge Formula

The commission 12% rate is different from each countries, please switch the countries to check detail.
Products Cost
Shipping Cost
Commission Rate 12%
Expense Formula Products Cost + Shipping Cost + Commission(Amount of Collection*12%)

Withdrawal Period

Your payment can be withdrawn once the payment came to your COD wallet, we will initial the transfer to your account in 3-5 days once received your application of withdrawal.